XCell's Ethereum liquid staking protocol embodies the principles of decentralization, resistance to censorship, scalability, and inclusivity. Building upon robust technologies such as DVT and a hybrid architecture, XCell Finance fosters a scalable, noncustodial, and thoroughly decentralized liquid staking solution. This helps bolster the security of the Ethereum ecosystem and the whole of DeFi. It encourages broad participation by rewarding active involvement from top node validators to non-professional validators, and facilitates the participation of major institutions and individual home stakers in staking and validation processes.

Decentralization & Resistance to Censorship

XCell Finance enhances the security of the Ethereum ecosystem and the DeFi space by championing decentralization and active participation. Leveraging technologies such as DVT and employing a hybrid architecture, XCell Finance facilitates a scalable, noncustodial, and thoroughly decentralized protocol.


XCell Finance, designed in a modular fashion, encourages and rewards active involvement from both top node validators and non-professional validators in operational activities, broadening the network's scalability. This inclusive approach to participation, while upholding the highest standards of security and reliability, ensures a more robust and resilient network.


Capitalizing on the hybrid architecture and harnessing multiple DVT platforms, XCell Finance enables participation from major institutions to individual home stakers in both the staking and validation processes. With enhanced reliability that permits lower bond requirements without sacrificing yields or reliability, XCell Finance allows validators to participate with a minimum ETH bond requirements.

Validator Funding Provider (VFP): Revolutionizing Validator Participation

XCell Finance is reshaping validator participation through the innovative Validator Funding Provider (VFP) protocol. This unique system enables node operators to create more nodes with direct funding, augmenting validator count without increasing bond commitment. It ensures low ETH bond requirements for validators while optimizing yields and impartially rewarding top performers, regardless of size or type.

Algorithmic Network Balancing

Employing a transparent algorithmic approach and active governance participation, XCell Finance dynamically balances the staking process, encompassing deposits and withdrawals, among professional, non-professional, and top-performing validators. This strategic balancing promotes a decentralized, censorship-resistant, and fault-tolerant network of validators, reinforcing the robustness of the system.

Superior Returns for Stakers

XCell Finance delivers the standard maximum rewards from the ecosystem, encompassing MEV capture. However, stakers can expect above-average yields due to enhanced reliability offered by DVT technology, as well as increased yields from Flash Exit rewards.

Enhanced Returns for Operator

XCell Finance's minimal bond requirements for participation in the validation process allows top-performing validators to utilize their proven track record (verifiable on L2 chains) to secure funding. This increases the number of validators without necessitating a rise in bond commitment, thereby making yields even more appealing.

An Efficient Liquid Staking Tokens Market

From its inception, XCell Finance is integrated and supported in Sonic. Sonic, a liquid staking engine, is designed to combat stake centralization, streamline the user experience, and assist users in efficiently entering and exiting Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) positions. Alongside other ETH liquid staking tokens, Sonic provides the necessary tools for LST to trade efficiently, thus advancing the entire ETH staking ecosystem and facilitating the onboarding of the next billion users to Ethereum.

Modularity & Ease of Access

XCell Finance incorporates L2s, enabling node operators to effortlessly manage nodes, receive rewards, and enter and exit directly on L2s, all without bearing excessive gas fees. The modularity of the protocol ensures that users can stake ETH, unstake it, and mint xcETH - all on L2, thereby saving on transaction costs.

Insurance or Slashing Protection

XCell Finance offers robust slashing protection to ensure the safety of our validators' stakes. Our advanced protection mechanisms minimize the risk of losses due to validation errors, providing peace of mind for our stakers.

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