$XCELL, XCell's native token, is an ERC-20 compatible and holds a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of the XCell Finance. As the native governance token for XCell, $XCELL is indispensable for key governance decisions, validator selection, and more.

The multifaceted utility of $XCELL extends to several critical aspects:

Protocol Growth and Ecosystem Incentivization: $XCELL plays a central role in fostering the growth of the XCell protocol through incentivization schemes and ecosystem development.

Community Management, Education, and Outreach: Engaging actively with the community, $XCELL contributes to effective community management, education initiatives, and outreach programs.

Despite the impending confirmation of its final design, $XCELL is already set to serve these initial functions. The ultimate aim is to secure the listing of $XCELL tokens upon release, ensuring broader accessibility and liquidity.

With a maximum total supply capped at 100 million, 5% of the total supply is thoughtfully allocated for community rewards via the Initial Governance Diversification (IGD) program, emphasizing the commitment to inclusivity and community-driven growth within the XCell ecosystem.

What are XCell points ?

XCELL Points serve as reward points within the XCell ecosystem, poised for conversion into $XCELL tokens following the Token Generation Event (TGE). This conversion takes place seamlessly at a 1:1 ratio, ensuring a direct correlation between XCell points and $XCELL tokens.

To accrue XCell Points, users can actively engage in the XCell Finance IGD program, maximizing their opportunities to accumulate these valuable points.

Previous users and supporters of the XCell protocol will receive special recognition as we introduce a rewarding system. By converting their already accumulated Mission Hub points and diamonds, these early contributors will seamlessly transition their existing benefits into XCell Points. Stay tuned for more detailed information, which will be shared shortly.

What is XCell Finance's IGD program ?

XCell's IGD program is a pioneering approach to distributing $XCELL tokens to the vibrant and engaged community members of our protocol through a variety of stimulating activities.

Our IGD mechanism is strategically crafted to collectively engage ETH users, providing compelling incentives for them to stake with us. This innovative approach strongly encourages active participation across the entire XCell Protocol. Whether users are staking assets, contributing liquidity to pools, bringing in referrals, or engaging in various other activities, the IGD program rewards community involvement. .

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